I am a front-end web developer. I have worked as an engineer where I fell in love with data - the hunting, the distillation and the vizualizaiton. Now that I work as a developer I continually look for ways to apply the low cost efficiencies of the internet to back to the manufacturing industry.

I punch the clock with an awesome team at Intuit, make web experiments for fun over at MKSHT and help my lovely wife run Kovalent.

When not coding, I run. Or I read. Or I drink delicious beers. To be honest, I also watch a lot of movies.


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email: cris@crisnoble.com
phone: 847-987-8279
twitter: @crisnoble
github: crismanNoble


I keep a running list of speed projects and experiments and the process I used to create them over at mksht.crisnoble.com, below are a few of my favorites.

Penrose Triangle in pure CSS

Calendar Heatmap with Google Docs

Recreation of Tufte's MLB Season Chart using D3.js

Easy embedding of the Noun Project's SVGs.

Check out the rest over at mksht.crisnoble.com