is a nerd, a music lover, an animal caretaker, a gardener, a home brewer, and an isometric angle admirer. He secretly wishes he became a graphic designer but instead is going to marry one. He supports open everything and believes that done is better than perfect. He used to stay out of politics but Lamar Smith's idiocy made him get involved.


I play with HTML, CSS, javaScript, PHP, and mySQL for fun and maybe in the future for profit. I am a process engineer by day and code websites with my (future) wife at night.
Web Work
The portfolio site of my beautiful girlfriend fiance.
HTML, CSS, javaScript (jquery too)

check it out for yourself
My friend showed me the video Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, which changed my life. It was the least I could do to code his website which showcases his awesome videographing(?).
html, css, javaScript, jQuery

check it out for yourself
My little brother is a little more artsy than I, this website shows off his lampworked beads that sell for a pretty penny to suburban middle aged women and hippies alike.
html, css

check it out for yourself
This was the first website I ever did code. I wanted to view two things side by side, in the same tab, and make it shareable. I couldn't find a way to do this. I decided to make it. The end.
html, css, javaScript

check it out for yourself
Bill of Bytes
I was asked if it was possible to read the real Bill of Rights without visiting DC. I found them on Project Gutenberg and decided to make them into digital artifacts. I made this while learning javscript, exerimenting with QR codes, pushing the limits of dropbox based hosting, learning a bit about Creative Commons.
html, css, javaScript

check it out for yourself
Brain Farts
Why is there no way bundle webapps?
What were the pythagoreans really up to?
Do the unemployed know where to look for jobs online?
When your Grandma joins facebook is it still cool?
Do people still write double- u double-u double-u in front of web addresses?
Is it possible to use QR codes for more than liking crap?
If you censor the net, will another spring up?
You should just make a bunch of shit.
This was a speed project that some day may become a legitimate site. I used jsfiddle for rapid prototyping, Dropbox for file collaboration, Asana to get things done, for quick prototyping, google webfonts for fast and painless web font implementation, and the noun project for some sweet icons.